Why regenerative

Sometimes, I have a hard time putting ideas into words.

Chances are, if you and I have ever had a conversation, you probably finished a sentence of mine. It seems other folks find the word I’m looking for long before I do.

So, although I have not read this new book, and so cannot necessarily recommend it, this online excerpt painted a vibrant picture of some of the cornerstone ideas behind FoxRAP’s mission. I needed to share it.

The excerpt in part, from The Great Regeneration, by farmer-technologist Dorn Cox and author-activist Courtney White, a new book about reclaiming the space where science & agriculture meet as a shared human endeavor:

“Of the many epic challenges that climate change is bringing to humankind, one of the most significant is surely the need to reinvent agriculture. Can the world’s farmers find a way to shift from large-scale, carbon-intensive industrial farming that is destroying soil and ecosystems to smaller-scale bioregional systems that not only respect nature but regenerate…

Read the full excerpt here

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