Successful farmland transitions that benefit both current and future farmers

A topic near and dear to FoxRAP’s heart.

UW Extension published a helpful 3-part article series: Demystifying the future farmer and planning ahead for a successful farmland transition.

Key takeaways from Part 1 – Making farmland transition options available to landowners:

  • Our current producers are aging out and an expected 70% of farmland will change hands in the next 20 years
  • At the same time, access to land is the most significant barrier facing the many incoming farmers eager to grow food and fiber
  • Without intentional efforts to make agricultural land available to incoming farmers, future generations will find themselves in the midst of a land access crisis
  • Land is deeply intertwined with all aspects of farmers’ success and land access is critical to community health.
  • Now is the time to protect one of our most precious natural resources, farmland, and that process begins with providing current landowners with alternatives to selling the land for development

Which is what FoxRAP is here for!

If you or someone you know is interested in conserving or transitioning land or a farm or incorporating a new generation into an existing operation, please get in touch.

It can feel like a big project, but don’t put it off. FoxRAP can help you get started planning today.

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