Land stewardship for wildlife habitat

Author’s note: FoxRAP is an agricultural organization, and our resources are often designed for farmers. But many of those resources, including the ones we’re sharing here today, can be applied on non-farm land, even in an urban backyard. We believe everyone is a land steward and we strive to support stewards of all sizes. If FoxRAP can provide information or assistance on a topic near and dear to you, please contact us.

In discussions we’ve had with folks this summer, one thing on a lot of our minds is providing wildlife habitat on our farms or land.

In fact, the subject has been popping up recently in other regional organizations’ news as well, from Practical Farmers of Iowa to Marbleseed to Center for Agroforestry.

So, for our habitat stewards out there, here’s a summary of what they shared:

  • When we want to attract beneficial insects and pollinators we think: let’s plant flowers. And while food is important, they need shelter too, especially over winter. Here’s a helpful guide to help figure out what they need.
  • Sometimes, the issue is what to do with a chunk of low-productivity land. Perhaps, it’s always wet. If this resonates with you, check out this Iowa farmer’s story about finding funding to create a wetland.
  • Hedgerows are a practical way to include habitat on your land, since they are generally planted on field borders, along roadways, or other non-cropped areas. Besides habitat, they also provide wind protection, erosion control, water infiltration, food and medicine, and more. This new video is based in California, but the principles apply across the country.

So, get out there and create some habitat – there’s benefits for you and your land, too. Then, share photos of the beautiful results on our Facebook page.

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