InspireBites: “We’re sacrificing the land that sustains us”

Welcome to our new series, InspireBites.

These are bite-size stories to inspire us as we work toward a better future for our community. No matter what your job is, you play a crucial role in that.

Here’s some inspiration to take with you this week.

A new development on former farmland in Tennessee Credit: Brooks Lamb

Brooks Lamb, a Tennessee farmer and staff member at American Farmland Trust nails it in his opinion piece “We’re Paving over the Foundation of Rural Tennessee”. While it’s written about Tennessee, he could easily be talking about Wisconsin.

Here’s Wisconsin’s projected farmland conversion in the next two decades, from the AFT report mentioned in the article.

And yet, as Brooks says, there’s a better way forward. And he explains exactly why farmland preservation is a main objective of FoxRAP’s work.

Give it a read, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Thanks for the work that you do.

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