Wonder, magic, diamonds: the treasures of (farm)land conservation

Our neighboring town of Ripon is home to South Woods, a 55-acre woodland preserved since 1902 – making it Wisconsin’s oldest nature preserve – by a group of forward-thinking women who wanted to make a difference and save this special place from logging.

The story is now also preserved in a beautiful short film.

When speaking about the woods, community members in the film used words like:



“a diamond”




Phrases like:

we made it a ritual

visited with the whole family

it’s been loved for generations

an asset to the city

an extension of the classroom

And all of this because everyday people realized “it’s really important to save places like this. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

The same is true of our family farms.

Like natural areas, small-scale regenerative farms steward wildlife habitat, streams, woodlands, and special places. Farms are beloved for generations, assets to our community, and extensions to the classroom.

And we are losing 2,000 acres of farmland every day in our country.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The good new is, you can also save our special places. Join FoxRAP as we work to save farms and keep them in the hands of farmers.

Find conservation tools on our Land Hub page.

Please contact us with questions on where to start.

Together, we too, can make diamonds for future generations to treasure.

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