Land Hub

This page is loaded with resources to aid in searching for farmland, leasing farmland, transitioning farmland within the family or to a new family, and leaving a farmland legacy.

We are here to help! Please reach out with any questions, big or small, about farmland access, farmland transitions, or permanently protecting your farmland.

Searching for Farmland

Land Link-Up
A free service from MOSES to connect farmers and available farmland.

Farmland Clearinghouse
Land Stewardship Project’s program available for people seeking farmland or farmers.

Midwest Farmland Access Hub
A collaboration to assist beginning farmers in IA, MN, and WI with land tenure.

Find Farmland
Information, including checklists, videos and worksheets, from American Farmland Trust.

Toolbox for Farm Seekers
Guides, worksheets, articles and other resources from Land for Good.

Leasing Farmland

Creating long-term ag leases
A publication from Farm Commons and Savanna Institute to secure long-term land access, for agroforestry and more.

Land Rental/Farm leasing
Resources from UW-Extension for leasing farmland, either as a landowner or renter.

Conservation Leases Toolkit
Loads of resources from Land Stewardship Project on leasing land with a conservation ethic.

Transitioning Farmland

Farm Succession and Estate Planning
UW-Extension offers resources in navigating farm transitions.

Transition Planning
Compeer Financial offers services for farm transition and succession planning.

Next Generation Ag Advocates
Works with landowners and producers to transition and preserve family farms.

Farm Transfers in Wisconsin
A guide from DATCP.

Farm Transfer Toolbox
Guides, worksheets, articles, and more from Land for Good.

Leaving a Land Legacy

American Farmland Trust
Accepts donations and can help with agriculture conservation easements anywhere in WI.

WI Farmland Protection Project
A partnership to slow the loss of ag land by accelerating permanent land protection statewide.

Guide to Transferring Land Ownership
Summary of options for landowners interested in transferring land, particularly to land trusts, indigenous tribes, and
community-based organizations.