Farmland access: key to flourishing organic food system in Wisconsin

Did you know Wisconsin is second in the nation for total number of organic farms? Only California has more.

Yet, due to rising cost of land, new farmers struggle to get into the business and growth of existing farms is limited.

Organic farms use more human-scale, sustainable growing methods which build healthier soils. In turn, these soils produce healthier food – crucial, when we’re battling, say, a pandemic – and stabilize our food supply in increasingly extreme weather or when a pandemic crushes our fragile global food supply chain.

While the benefits of organic food are often debated, these benefits are clear. Organic is also more profitable for farmers, meaning beginning farmers can earn a living while feeding their communities.

So, here is where you can help. Yes, support your local farmers. Definitely, buy your food at the farmers market or local online farm store whenever possible, knowing your dollars are not only buying good food, but also keeping you healthy, building soil, cleaning our water, and supporting biodiversity.

And also support them with your land. Organic and regenerative farmers cannot compete in the open market against real estate developers and corporate farms. Talk to FoxRAP today about how to transition, sell, or lease your land to a new generation of passionate stewards.

Together, we can keep Wisconsin at the top of the pack for organic land stewardship.

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