New On-Farm Grazing Video Series

The Pasture Project, a nonprofit working to advance regenerative grazing and grass-fed value chains in the Upper Midwest, just released Grazing Planners Speak – an eleven part series of informative, on-farm videos featuring experienced grazing planners.

The series is designed for grazing technical service providers, but will be useful to those looking to start – or who are already – grazing. Videos cover everything from grazing infrastructure to pasture layout to animal handling.

Speakers include:

  • Matt Bunger, Illinois NRCS
  • Kirsten Jurcek, Glacierland Resource Conservation and Development
  • Serge Koenig, Sauk County Office of Land Resources and Environment
  • Travis Meteer, University of Illinois Extension
  • Marie Raboin, Dane County Land & Water Resources Department
  • Gene Schriefer, Farm Service Agency

These high-quality videos are not too long. Have a look and share your thoughts in the comments!

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