June is National Pollinator Month

The web abounds with info about the importance of pollinators, especially for food and farms. So we won’t get into that here. Nonetheless, we at FoxRAP are excited that these important neighbors of ours get their own month and will share at least these two resources to help us all celebrate pollinators in Wisconsin.

Saving Wisconsin’s Native Pollinators

This website from the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources has great info like how we can create habitat for pollinators at home, get funding to do so, and how to join in pollinator efforts around the state.

Maximizing Pollinator Health & Pollination Services on Farms

Resources from the WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for best pollinator practices on farms, and also for gardens, lawns, roadsides and more.

Let’s get outside and protect some pollinators.

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