Mission: Cultivate a local agriculture network to benefit our community and ecosystem.

Goal: A thriving, resilient alliance of diverse farmers and farm allies working together to sustain our community and natural resources.

1. Connect community

  • Establish a resource center for farmers and farm allies with training and support for regenerative agriculture and related businesses.
  • Educate community members of all ages about regenerative agriculture.
  • Create spaces for community members to eat, learn, share, and celebrate together.

2. Grow local food and farm products

  • Assist new and existing farmers to diversify agriculture for economic and environmental health.
  • Develop local agri-tourism programs.
  • Build an apprenticeship program for sustainable agriculture.

3. Preserve farms

  • Protect farmland for future generations.
  • Create long-term, affordable access to farmland for beginning and underserved farmers.
  • Work with landowners to establish farmland succession plans and estate planning.

4. Protect natural resources

  • Restore health of soil, water, air, and wildlife habitat through promotion of regenerative agriculture methods.
  • Work with community partners to establish and maintain landscape-scale restorative practices.


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